Android Functional Testing Using Calabash – Part Two

12 Mar


In my previous post, we explored the reasons behind Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and using Calabash as the tool to implement achieve this methodology.  We also began applying Calabash in the form of implementing a Feature using the gherkin syntax/DSL.  In this next chapter, we’ll look at applying (or implementing custom) steps defined in out Feature file.

Chapter Three – Steps

In this chapter, we’ll be looking at Step definitions used in our Feature file.  As a reminder, here is our Feature file from my previous post:

Feature: Registration feature

Scenario: As a new user I want to register a new account
    Given I have entered an email and password
    When I press the Register button
    Then I should see a progress indictor
    Then I wait for a toaster message 'Success'
    Then I should see the roster

Calabash comes with a bunch of pre-defined steps to get you started.  But, in the event that you need to expand on the available steps, you can define your own (hint: use the pre-defined steps are examples).  Steps in Calabash are expressed as Ruby and defined in *_steps.rb files.

But, what if I have custom widgets (e.g. custom login email and password EditText views)? How do I reference this widget?  The one thing you may have noticed is that UI elements are addressed similarly to CSS.  So, let’s leverage this:

Given /^I enter an email and password$/ do |text|
 clear_text_in("com.mitchwongho.demo.calabash.widgets.CustomEmailEditText id:'email'")
 enter_text("com.mitchwongho.demo.calabash.widgets.CustomEmailEditText id:'email'", "")
 clear_text_in("com.mitchwongho.demo.calabash.widgets.CustomPasswordEditText id:'password'")
 enter_text("com.mitchwongho.demo.calabash.widgets.CustomPasswordEditText id:'password'", "Str0ngP@ssworD")

In my next post, we’ll explore how to go about testing the features beyond the login screen.

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