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Polymorph Systems

Polymorph Systems

A great highlight from AppsWorld – Africa 211 for me has to be Herman Lintvelt’s (@hermanlintvelt) presentation on Domain Specific Language programming using the XText framework and Applause.

The idea behind this method of application development is to abstract the device specific (boiler-plate) code from the business code to avoid having multiple code bases for each device, model or platform.

Domain Specific Language : Programming with Purpose

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Apps World & Social Media World Forum

I’m at the Africa leg of the AppsWorld conference held at the CTICC, Cape Town.

So far, there have been some fantastic talks around the development of mobile applications and the business of monetizing apps.

The conference has also proved to be a great place to network with the vendors (Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Erricson, Saamto etc). I must make special mention of Yusuf from NokiaSA whom I had a great discussion with regarding Nokia’s commitment and support for their development community. There is real value there!

Well, it’s time to head back to the talks and make connections.







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The First Post Is The Hardest

Today we begin the process of moving some dev notes off of Google sites a place that is more manageable and presentable.

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