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Pro-Tip: LogCat Regex Filtering

One day, You may need to filter the LogCat output. So, here are some quick examples:

Filter tag ‘FOO’ or ‘MainActivity:

Filter ‘Hello World’ in the log text:
text:^(?!.*(Hello World)).*$

You can combine filter by simply concatenating filter expressions:
tag:^(?!.*(FOO)).*$ text:^(?!.*(BAR)).*$

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Track your Gmail address

One of the biggest e-irritants I have is that my email address gets “sold” to companies to spam me with promotions by businesses I use (and they deny it). This trick should help identify those buggers.

The trick uses the ability tack on an alias to your gmail address using the ‘+’ character e.g (where ‘alias’ that you’ll track).

So, for example, if you sign up for a service or are supplying an email an address a bank or insurance company, you can use their name e.g when you enter an email address for a bank like ABSA you can supply the address ‘’.

You’ll still receive mail from them in your ‘’ inbox. All you now need to do is create a filter and Label emails to ‘’.

If you receive email or get companies that reference email to ‘’ you know who they got your email address from.

Fight the spam!


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