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VMWare has started beta testing their PAAS (Platform as a service) offering via Cloud Foundry.

What is quite appealing about Cloud Foundry’s offering is that they support a number of languages: Java/Spring, Scala, Node.js.

I’ve signed up for an account and have had it approved, so we’re all set to start evaluating this offering against the likes of Google’s AppEngine and Amazon’s EC2 and BeanStalk

Cloud Foundry

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Posted by on June 10, 2011 in SAAS


My QwikInvoice CRM Google AppEngine application is still under development as time permits.  I’ve been using the JDO api, but it appears the Objectify is the more efficient way of working with the datastore.  So, i guess I’ll be refactoring QwikInvoice to use objectify-appengine.


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